Thursday, September 23, 2010

me: looks like a crappy shoe 
friend: your mom's crappy shoe :P 
friend: they're pretty durable 
me: I wear boots that my dad had for like 10 years 
friend: anything lasts long if you don't use them much heh 
me: heh no shit 
me: hence honey being edible after hundreds of years in egyptian tombs 
me: these boots is worn 
me: and durable 
me: they should make shoes out of a human 
me: humans are pretty durable 
me: oh wait, that's called illegal 
me: and murder probably 
friend: heh well if they're already dead and they agree to be put into shoes that'd be awesome hahaha 
friend: "i'm wearing bob!" 
friend: "no way I got a pair of sue's yesterday" 
me: more like 
me: "bob? I just got a pair of TOMS!"

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